Welcome to Katan Studios!

Here Passion, Creativity & Experience collide.


When Ben Katan moved to Canada 10 years ago, he didn’t just bring his passion for photography; he also brought his well-rounded background in photojournalism and zest for life. It is these concepts and his love for the arts that have carried him to success, and helping to bring Katan Studios to life! By employing like-minded and equally talented photographers & cinematographers, Katan Studios has grown from a one-person operation to a full team of highly skilled and passionate artists who are excited to capture your special events!


At Katan, we know how important it is to capture moments and make lasting memories. We believe that beautiful pictures come from trust, so we put a huge emphasis on making sure you and your photographer are compatible. We will do everything to ensure that you have a great experience from start to finish. With artistic and knowledgeable members of our team, we maintain a high quality of work across all aspects, and aim to make sure that you are pleased with every part of your experience with us.


Honesty. Passion. Originality. These are just a few of our core values, and we are completely dedicated to upholding them. Working at Katan Studios is more than just a day job, each one of our team members is passionate about what they do and it comes across in the high quality of art they produce. We want to capture your memories in a meaningful and fantastic way, for you to relive again and again!